Monday, December 15, 2014


“I have dream of belonging for an eternity……my dreams call out let me guide you to that place”

In the beginning there was a dream, the eternal night that was my life. In the sleeping the dreaming was a place of possibility, an escape from the darkness of my waking life. The stories of the dreaming world seem a place of belonging and clarity. They were an active theater where I experienced the story of me in a multitude of ways. And even in the trauma and perceived nightmares of my dreams I found a venture worth taking.

You see my dreams were guiding me even as I struggled to hide in them. And when my waking life took a greater hold on me the dreams continued to express their guidance. They spoke of desire and showed me how I kept myself straddled in discontent. That desire held a deep yearning to belong, a longing to find my place in the landscape of the universe and in the world of my waking life.

I believe to be human is to belong. And we spend our life from birth to death searching for and/or experiencing that sense of belonging. To belong is to be embraced in the circle of everything experiencing the awareness of that connection. It is not just about our connection to people, places, and things. It is about the longing of our soul’s presence in us. We yearn to experience its love and intimacy. To belong is to experience the longing of our being.  And true belonging is gracious receptivity in its pure form. This does not mean that I belong to something or someone but instead it is to experience being with the other. This awareness reaches to the depths of our soul connection. And that soul connection is also the soul of the earth. This yearning to belong strives for wholeness and harmony of the inner and outer in us.

Through trauma to us and to nature we have become disconnected from our belonging. That disconnection leads to the denial of our longing, which then causes isolation and emptiness. We become separated and therefore exiled from self, each other and nature.

As a Pagan and Druid my journey is to rediscover that longing and feel into the awareness that is offered to me. Mountains, streams, stones and animals know they belong. Through trauma I have experienced a separation from that awareness. My Dreamwork and Druid practice have offered the guidance and path to reawakening that desire to belong.  

As the dreams offered solace in my days of emotional darkness they now offer me the guidance to belonging. The story my dreams offer is the truth of who I am and the barriers that have kept me from awakening to this knowing. The practice of the Dreamwork to feel into aspects of the dreams draws me closer to the divine/soul, to that belonging.

As a Druid I have a daily practice of being in relationship with the landscape that surrounds me. Quiet steps through a forest of ancient birch trees, fire gazing on Beltane, or balancing stones in mediation bring me closer to lifting the veil that has closed me off from that experience of belonging.

My sacred journey is to let myself be guided by the dreams while walking a path in relationship with the earth. This awakens an ancient longing in me that is the soul calling to know me. Calling me to belong.