Saturday, June 4, 2016

Dreams as the Magical Elixir---NWYFRE’

“I have signed up for a road race and walk up to the starting line. I am wondering if I will even be able to race I am so slow. The race begins and I realize I have forgotten my running shoes and I am bare feet. There is no time to go back and I start to run. As I run I begin to feel lightness in my body, I am not weighted down as I most often feel. Then I am running without any need to win I am just running.“

In Celtic and Druid traditions there is a term often used to identify the existence of a life force or energy that flows though out the universe. The term is Nwyfre. In the east it is known as ‘chi’, yoga ‘prana’ and Japan ‘ki’. Nwyfre in its historical origin might be known by the Irish word ‘Naomh’ which means heavens or firmament.

No matter where the language takes us the concept of some type of life force that sustains and flows through us has been studied for centuries. And this life force in some cultures is directly linked to the energies of the stars and heavenly bodies as well as a divine essence or soul spoken in spiritual traditions.

What is this energy? It mysteries have caused many a human explorer of spirit to practice a diversity of techniques from meditation, yoga, healing touch, and Reiki etc. for healing and to awaken enlightenment. I am sure kundalini energy has a direct link to this life force.

In my dream when I decide to run without the worry of having my running shoes on I tap into a feeling of freedom, lightness. I run without a desire to win, keep up with others or prove anything to anyone. Does my dream offer a glimpse into this feeling of life force? That when I let go of the constraints of what I believe I need in order to be okay or good enough I discover the force in me that wants to be experienced. I believe the answer is yes. The dream offers the opportunity to remember this energy in me. It was a awesome experience running without a sense of heaviness that I often feel in my waking life. I am always trying to do the right thing, prove myself to others, keep up and even be better then others. I am often exhausted, weighed down, fearful, and worried most of the time.

In the dream I feel an expansiveness and opening as I ran, while my thoughts focused on each and every moment of the run. Nothing else. I was in my body and mind at the same time noticing and being, gazing and letting go all at once. My body could sense the wind generated by my movement and my mind noticed the exhilaration of the movement without exertion. I felt no need to push myself. I felt no need to question what was happening.

I identified this experience as the awareness of Nwyfre flowing through me. Is this my relationship to the universe? Is this the experience of love in its purest form? All I know is that I felt awake and alive and connected to everything. 

As I dip further into this felt experience within the dream I also notice that there is a sensual feeling to this energy. Not in the sexual way but in the wakefulness of the sensations of my body kind of way. A knowing of my body and the possible love that comes from the Gods and Goddesses, the anima and animus or the direct sensual experience of the divine love that I believe is of the earth. It makes sense that earth energy is sensual, engaging, physical, and constantly creative. There is a tactile awareness happening every moment as we move about our day with every being. And all beings from stones, to plants, water, animals, and trees etc. interacts with each other to create. How can that not be sensual if we allow ourselves to feel it?

What a powerful life force that exists within and around us.

The dream offers me a practice of mirroring this life force through the dream story into my waking life. I do this by bringing the dream’s feeling of the run to life by visualizing, creating a gesture of the run, opening to remembering the feeling of the run in me and offering a ritual to Nwyfre.

I do this practice because I have been unable to feel this life force in my waking life. I know that Nwyfre is blocked in me because I have felt physically heavy, have experienced several illnesses and lived with a certain level of depression most of my life.

The dream offers a practice that can assist in releasing these blocks. As the heaviness peels away my true essence, my life force flows more freely. To evoke the flow is to wake up and to awaken the flow in me is to remember the flow that weaves me through the landscape of all things. And here I am held in the embrace of the earth mother, Gaia. Here I find home again.