Wednesday, August 3, 2016



I am out in a vast ocean, no land to be seen. From the depths of the water a large monster appears. A giant whale like creature that is not a whale but instead some combination of whale, reptile, and dragon. It has sharp pointy scales and looks old. This monster feels old, ancient from another realm or time. A dolphin is near watches. The being begins swimming towards me, terrified I stay right where I am waiting.

In our nightly musings we are gifted with chance encounters that are foreign to us, moments, feelings, relationships with beings that our bodies and minds have never known in waking life.

We discover the sensuality of passionate love, swim with whales; climb an umbrella thorn tree in the savannah; touch the scaly skin of a rattler and play the electric guitar with Prince.

These dream story’s, their sensations, feelings, and interactions although alien awaken in us a long lost friend remembered.

An ancient remembered aspect of who we are beyond our egoic perspective and within the universal unconsciousness of all life itself.

We encounter the divine spirit that holds all memory and existence weaving us within other such as whale, stone, mountain, rose, bee and human.

Our dreams even without our observation provide substance for evoking our ancestral and primordial knowing, the true felt experience of our bodies and minds as one with all.