About Me

My name is Mary Kay Kasper
I have worked in many roles as a Student Affairs professional in Higher Education for over 27 years and at present I am a Case Manager working with the Developmentally Disabled in Vermont.
I have a Masters in Counseling Education and an advanced CAS in Ecopsychology. I have taught Ecopsychology in a college setting.

I am a Maine Recreational Guide and have experience in Rites of Passage work.
I was raised to believe in the beauty and value of the natural world. This would serve as the foundation that nurtured deep yearning for a spiritual life in relation with the natural world. This desire led me in many directions and finally introduced me to Druidry. I have been practicing Druidry for ten years and recently graduated from the Green Mountain Druid Order of Vermont as a Priestess. I am now a student of the International Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

I am also a client of Archetypal Dreamwork. Which is a form of dream work that offers the individual the opportunity to begin a conversation with the soul. It is a belief that our dreams whole the story of who we are and who we can become and offers us an inward journey toward the truest part of ourselves.

My yearning for a life of wholeness is influenced by the messages of my soul and embodied by the love of the earth. My dreams are my guide and each night I sleep the story of who I am, and how my deepest desires can come to life. I am finally listening.

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